You can help name Westmoreland County’s new park

Residents of the West Pennsylvan will soon have a new park to enjoy. And you can help give it a name.

At present, however, it is only a farm.

“This is an incredibly picturesque 96-acre farm with beautiful rolling topography,” says Betsy Aiken, executive director of the Westmoreland Land Trust, who acquired the property. “It has a high elevation compared to the properties around it. So the views from the farm are of the surrounding forest and even extend to the most westerly ridges of the Alleghenies, Chestnut Ridge, Laurel Ridge.

The park will be officially known as the Carl A. Schwarz Memorial Park, but the Land Trust is looking for ideas for a one or two word “banner name” for the park – something a little more. eye-catching, hopefully. The public is invited to view the current contenders and submit suggestions which ideally refer to the beauty, conservation value or local history of the property.

The property is located on Beech Hills Road, off the old Route 66, just 3 miles from downtown Greensburg. He belonged to the Roberta N. Schwarz Charitable Foundation. Many years ago it was a dairy farm, but more recently the land has been used to grow corn and soybeans.

“So in the short term we will continue to use the farm – it is leased to a farmer – and we will continue this year after year as we undertake the conservation planning and the conversion of the land to a nature park.” and artistic, ”Aiken says.

The idea for the art park is still in its infancy.

“By incorporating outdoor artwork, it will make the park particularly attractive to visitors and increase its value as a model of land conservation,” says Aiken. “It has not yet been fully determined, but the preliminary thinking is that it will include significant works of outdoor sculpture… We really hope to complement the aesthetic qualities of the earth with works of art.”

For now, the park will only be open to the public on visiting days, which will be announced on the Westmoreland Land Trust website and The Facebook page.

“Our hope is to spark some community involvement – that the park will not only be a showcase for land conservation, but will become an asset to surrounding communities,” says Aiken.

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