Women’s health: intimate hygiene: the basic rules

Women’s health: intimate hygiene: the basic rules

Posted on August 28, 2021 | Author Dr Khalid-ur-Rahman

Personal hygiene, as the name rightly suggests, is about keeping your private parts clean and hygienic. Many women do not know the difference between personal hygiene and regular hygiene and do not follow the basic rules to maintain their vaginal health.

Your vagina, in terms of pH, is more acidic than the rest of your body. This helps maintain good bacteria like lactobacilli and prevent the growth of bad ones.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your vagina healthy and hygienic

1. Use a good quality intimate wash

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the skin in your intimate area requires special and delicate care. Washing with regular soaps / gels can lead to imbalance in pH levels which in turn can lead to issues such as itching, odor and infection.Use a high quality, dermatologically and gynecologically tested intimate wash that is also hypoallergenic.

2. Wash only outside your private parts

Wash only the outside of your private area – vulva, vagina

3. Wash your Privates at least once a day

4. Do not spray water directly into the vagina

Spraying water directly on the vagina can cause bacteria to enter.

5. No sponge or gloves

The skin of your private parts is super delicate. Never use anything abrasive, only use your hands to wash yourself.

6. Use a soft towel

Use a soft, fully dried towel to absorb the water.

7. Wipe right

Always wipe your private area from front to back, especially if you are using vaginal wipes / towels.

8. Change tampons every 2-4 hours

Using a sanitary napkin for more than 4 hours can cause harmful bacteria to multiply.

9. Wear cotton panties

Cotton clothing allows the skin to breathe unlike synthetic which blocks air circulation.

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