Which couple of “Station 19” still sizzle in season 5? | Entertainment News

Station 19 Captain Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) Was publicly dismissed during a marriage with the department of obstetrics and gynecology Carina DeLuca (Stephania Spanpinato). Besides its professional drama, the event gives rise to many romantic dramas.

Station 19 Executive producer Kylie Donovan said: “There was a lot of confusion at the age of 19, and the Fire family is not completely unscathed,” revealing what a love match was still enthusiastic and fiery.

Maya and Karine

Despite the changes in Maya’s career status, she’s still a part of the Seattle FD, but in Season 5, “their marriage is solid and A +,” says Donovan.

Andy and Sullivan

Andy (Jain Lee Ortiz) accuses her husband (Boris Kodjoe) of betraying Maya to promote himself as the new captain. The reconciliation seems suspect.

Travis and Emmet

The former lovers (Jay Hayden and Lachlan Buchanan) went well at the wedding. Now their relationship has rekindled, Donovan says, and she is “more passionate than ever.”

Vic, Theo, Dean

When he was ready to talk to Vic (Barrett Dos) He loved her, Dean (Ochieliete Ona Odwan) I caught Theo (Carlos Miranda) sniffing her. Vic and Theo are “as hot and heavy as the finale,” the producer says. Where do Dean and those three little words fit into this scenario?


Jack (Gray Damon) When Inara (Collen Foy) realized she didn’t really love him and left, she lost her adoptive family. Still, Donovan says, “I have a good chance of finding the right fit for him this season.”

Station 19, Season 5 Premier, Thursday September 30, 8 / 7c, ABC

This is an excerpt from the 2021 Returning Favorites issue of TV Guide Magazine. For more information on the new fall TV season, talk about it now on newsstands.

Which couple of “Station 19” still sizzle in season 5? | Entertainment News

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