Virginia Tech hopes Northam will level the playing field with name, image and likeness actions | Virginie Tech

“We just want to make sure we’re doing what we can for our student-athletes,” Babcock said.

Football coach Justin Fuente echoed Babcock’s thoughts when he told the Roanoke Times in May that the absence of NIL legislation in Virginia would impact the team’s recruiting efforts.

“I feel good that everything is going to come out in the wash,” Fuente said. “In the end, whatever it is, everything will be the same. Between lawmakers, the NCAA, and individual states, how they get there, good luck finding out. I have a feeling that at the end of the day we’ll all have a pretty even chance at this thing. “

Council members had a lot of questions about the issue after Gwinn finished speaking. Could a student support a strip club? Can the school continue to use individual marketing students? Will NIL legislation put technology at a disadvantage compared to schools in a larger market?

Gwinn and Babcock calmed some spirits with their answers.

Babcock anticipates that any NIL legislation will include certain restrictions – he listed tobacco, gambling and guns among them – that prevent student-athletes from working with these companies.

Students sign waivers when they enroll, which allows Tech to use them in marketing materials, and Babcock has responded emphatically to anyone who questions business opportunities at Blacksburg.

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