The true story behind Diane Warren’s scene in Netflix’s ‘Selena’

If you weren’t able to resist reading Part 1 and Part 2 of Selena: the series on Netflix, you are not alone. The second part of the highly anticipated series premiered in May and covers major milestones in Selena Quintanilla’s rising career.

Among the many defining moments was her connection with songwriter Diane Warren. In the series, Selena’s brother AB Quintanilla sits down for a meal with Warren. When they meet, he convinces her to write a song for Selena’s next album.

Warren ended up in the credits for Selena’s posthumously released album, but what actually happened during their reunion was a little different from the IRL.

Here’s the true story of how Diane Warren and Selena hooked up for a song from her latest album:

Selena actually met Diane Warren herself.

His brother AB did not act as an intermediary as you see in the series. Selena and Warren met for dinner with fellow songwriter Franne Golde and producer Guy Roche, per the Houston Chronicle.

Roche described Selena as an “unknown” at the time of the meeting. “But you could tell she would be a great pop artist for the US and global markets,” he added. “She had it all.”

Golde remembers Selena as “down to earth and humble and funny, very kind”. She also offered to make tacos for her creative team.

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Warren was totally herself during dinner.

It was contrary to the advice she had received in advance. “One thing that’s a little side note – I tend to swear like a sailor,” Warren said. E! “And everyone kept warning me, ‘You know, you can’t swear around Selena. She is very upright. ‘ I remember having dinner with her and of course I was myself. And I remember she said, “Oh, I love you!” She wasn’t insulted at all. She was just a lovely, lovely person. “

Warren also didn’t write the song specifically for Selena.

In fact, she already had the song ready and thought it would be a good fit for the Tejano star’s album after they met. “I’m Getting Used to You” became one of four new songs on Selena’s posthumous album, Dreaming of You.

Warren shared with E!: “[Nancy Brennan] told me about her and I heard her sing. And I had just written “I’m getting used to you”. I didn’t write it especially for her, I rarely do. I’m just trying to write a great song, you know? I thought, ‘That would be such a good song for her.’ “

Selena agreed. “And she loved it,” Warren added. “I remember hearing her about it and I was really excited about it.”

Warren calls Selena a “lovely person and an amazing artist.”

After Selena: the series created and Warren’s contribution made headlines, she shared a tribute to Selena on Instagram.

Warren wrote: “She was a lovely person and an amazing artist who would give [sic] become one of the greatest superstars in the world. Lucky to have had the chance to work with her 💔❤🎵🎶 “

Since then, Warren has worked with many other very famous singers.

Warren is a longtime hitmaker with a record 12 Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. She is still waiting for victory and also holds the record for most names without an Oscar. Warren has written hits for an amazing who’s who singers over the years. In addition to writing one of Selena’s last recorded songs, Warren has written tunes for Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith and Lady Gaga to name a few. You probably have a few of his words floating around in your brain.

Dreaming of you remains the best-selling Latin album in the world, by Billboard.

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