The name of the bariatric center has been changed to Weight Loss Institute

The Columbus Regional Health Bariatric Center began operating as the Weight Loss Institute of Columbus Regional Health on Monday.

The new name is designed to reflect the in-depth level of care provided, which goes well beyond bariatric services, according to a press release from the institute.

Led by Southern Indiana Doctors David Lee and Adam Golas, the institute offers comprehensive treatment from start to finish.

It also offers patients a multidisciplinary approach during their weight loss journey. Services include bariatric surgery, non-surgical weight loss options, nutritional counseling, psychological testing, exercise therapy and more.

The diverse team of specially trained surgeons, physicians, dieticians, psychologists and nurses meet the medical, nutritional, physical, mental and emotional needs of each patient throughout their weight loss journey. In this regard, Weight Loss Institute is a more appropriate and comprehensive name to reflect the in-depth, multi-layered weight loss program.

For more information about the institute, visit or call 812-732-2245.

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