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CHENNAI: Sarvamangala Nagar in Chitlapakkam was a quiet area over 20 years ago, with mostly detached houses overlooking Lake Sembakkam.
Today, almost all the streets are filled with four- and five-story buildings. It lacks good roads, an underground sewage system and adequate water supply, a perfect example of unplanned urbanization.
While residents are optimistic that the decision to convert Tambaram into a company comprising neighboring local entities will bring better amenities, experts warn that the change in status should be reflected on the ground. This means that the new company should have experienced leaders, more functions or powers and funds. They also say the Chennai model should be followed so that Tambaram does not follow Avadi’s path, where little has changed since the municipality became a corporation.
DS Sivasamy, former additional director of the local government department, said the government should ensure that an experienced bureaucrat is assigned as commissioner and that more posts are created at the zone level.
With the government notifying the formation of the new company, Palvaram, Pammal, Anakaputhur, etc., can be divided into separate zones. The income earned by local organizations that will now report to Tambaram will be around 300 crore. But that may not be enough. “Funds are needed because the government often takes a good part of the income generated by a local organization in certain taxes. A local organization earns money from taxes, building taxes, licenses, surcharges and stamp duty. But, the government only gives part of the surcharges to the local body… ”Sivasamy said.
We need more civil servants, the municipalities do not have enough. “There is hardly anyone to do a ground check if a project is suggested.”
The new company will have to carry out underground sanitation, drinking water supply, road stops, rainwater evacuation and the improvement of public transport in almost all of the districts spread over 87,64 km².
In Pallavaram, little has changed in the workforce after its transformation into a municipality. This shouldn’t be the case, he added.
Ramakrishnan of the Sarvamangala Nagar Residents’ Association hoped that amenities will improve when the areas are attached to a company. “The change is evident in the neighboring neighborhood, which is in the municipality of Pallavaram. They have better facilities.
Similar is the hope of residents of many neighborhoods in Tambaram, Sembakkam, Pammal, Anakaputhur, Chitlapakkam, Madambakkam, Thiruneermalai, Peerkankaranai and other areas who saw how Nanganallur got good roads and other amenities after being attached to the Greater Chennai Corporation.
Chengalpet collector Rahulnath said a public hearing will be held after the model code of conduct for local elections is completed. “We have informed the government of the returns of the population. The GO is a preliminary. The government will take one last call.

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