My body is powerful and I have the scars to prove it

While some may perform heroic deeds to erase a scar from their body, or do everything in their power to hide them, Women’s health Editor-in-chief Abby Cuffey flaunts hers, especially the ones on her leg. She has a 5 inch scar from her knee down and marks around her ankle from a fractured right tibia during a high school football game. She was rushed to emergency surgery, where doctors placed a titanium rod and two screws in the area to correct her. Although the screws were eventually removed, the rod itself – and the scars on the knee and ankle from the surgery – remained.

She looks at the marks to remind him how strong she is. “The experience has given me a whole new appreciation for the power of your body,” she says. “It’s part of me, but I want to give my skin some attention.”

She turns to Organic oil, a light oil loaded with vitamins and nourishing medicinal plants for the skin. New York-based cosmetic biochemist Stacy steinmetz says its use of lavender oil, which is known to help soothe the skin, can help reduce scar redness. She goes on to say that the rosemary oil in the formula can also help calm the area.

Now, every time Cuffey takes a look at her scar, she remembers what she’s been through healing – from feeling constant pain and using crutches on her graduation to full recovery. and the possibility of returning to long-distance running. “Whenever I’m not motivated to go for a run, the scar always reminds me of those times when I would have done anything to move easily or run painlessly,” she says. “I’m grateful for it now.”

Press play on the video above to hear Cuffey’s story in full.

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