Guaranteed Rate’s Ben Cohen is funding a total loan of $ 1 billion in 2020

Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Credit Director / SVP Ben Cohen has reached a career milestone by funding a total of $ 1 billion in total in less than a year.

“This is proof that anything is possible, if you choose to do it,” said Victor Ciardelli, President and CEO of Guaranteed Rate. “Ben has set himself the amazing goal of breaking the billion dollar mark in a single year, which is only possible by faith. Ben and his team set a great example of positivity in action. They always blew us away, but this year’s numbers are just amazing. “

In just five years, Cohen’s annual loan volume rose from $ 150 million to over $ 1 billion, making him one of the top loan officers in the country.

“I am humble to have had sales of over $ 1 billion in 2020,” Cohen told Chicago Agent. “Working closely with our agent partners, we helped more than 2,000 families this year who trusted and believed in us to help them find their dream home.”

By surrounding himself with the right people, Cohen believes that he can focus on what he does best – building lasting relationships with his clients and referral partners. He added, “I owe a large part of my success to the invaluable partnership I formed with my production manager, Mike Dye, six years ago. He shows up every day with the same passion and responsibility that I have for running and supporting our business. Without him or our great team, it would simply not have been possible to achieve this goal. “

Cohen’s customer base ranges from first-time buyers, junior buyers, refinancers, investors and corporate clients. He also participates in retirement programs for companies with offices across the country.

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