French group Indochine hosts experimental concert on behalf of COVID Research

Once inside, no social distancing was required but masks were mandatory

Deprived of live music for a year, fans of the veteran French rock band Indochina had the chance on Saturday to see their idols in concert, all in the name of Covid-19 research.

Nearly 5,000 spectators took part in the experimental event at the Parisian hall of Bercy. Another 2,500 volunteers who did not attend the concert will be used as a comparison group.

The trial to assess the risk of transmission of Covid during events has been eagerly awaited by the live music and entertainment industry which has been devastated by Covid-19.

“We’ve been waiting for this kind of event to reopen for so long. So finding a concert, in addition to being Indochina, is really great,” said Camille, 26, from the Paris region.

Before being admitted, spectators, all between the ages of 18 and 45 with no particular risk factors, handed over an envelope containing a saliva test taken earlier on Saturday.

Each person was also to have had a negative antigen test within the past three days.

Once inside, no social distancing was required but masks were mandatory.

Due to the 9pm curfew still in effect in France, the concert took place earlier than normal with Indochine on stage at 6pm.

Similar trials have already taken place elsewhere in Europe and the Bercy concert had been postponed several times.

The results of the spectator study, organized at the initiative of the AP-HP (Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) and Prodiss, the national union for musical and variety shows, with the support of the government, are awaited. by the end of June.

Previous experimental events in Spain and Great Britain have not shown an increased risk of transmission.

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