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  • In a brand new YouTube video, Dr Pimple Popper shows a massive squamous cell cyst on his patient’s face, right next to his mouth.
  • The gray gunk keeps coming in as it extracts all the contents of the huge cyst.
  • Dr Pimple Popper fans say the chewy content looks like a “cream filling.”

    Dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, aka Dr Pimple Popper, never backs down from a challenge. She managed to squeeze out many massive pops including giant blackheads and endless cysts. This time, she tackled a giant epidermoid cyst on a patient’s face in a brand new YouTube video.

    Dr Pimple Popper posted epic pop clips on her Instagram. “NEW video on my YouTube channel !! By extracting an epidermoid cyst so close to your patient’s mouth, you need to make sure it doesn’t fit in their mouth !!” she captioned the post. “Click the link in my bio or go to YouTube to watch the full video now #drpimplepopper #cyst.”

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    In the video, Dr Pimple Popper shows viewers the full size of the cyst before starting to extract the contents. Slowly but surely, a huge chain of gray grime arose from the cyst.

    If you need more, you can check out the extended clip on YouTube:

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    “I was so afraid it would fall in their mouths,” commented one user below the video, who, same! It’s a very close the call at certain times. Someone else thought the soft drink reminded them of a dessert: “All I saw was the cream filling of an Oreo or a cupcake,” they wrote. (Sorry if you’re eating either right now.)

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    Dr. Pimple Popper named his video “Try the Gray Cyst!” which is a “Be Our Guest” reference from The beauty and the Beast, if you haven’t caught it. But even though I see quite the resemblance, I don’t think that’s what Light was talking about.

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Take Out, DC: Let’s Give Our Washington a New Name https://drjimmirios.com/take-out-dc-lets-give-our-washington-a-new-name/ https://drjimmirios.com/take-out-dc-lets-give-our-washington-a-new-name/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 19:30:13 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/take-out-dc-lets-give-our-washington-a-new-name/

The Other Washington has finally given us an excuse to change the confusing name of our state. I suggest “Cascade”.

The opportunity comes from a bill passed by the House in Congress to make Washington, DC, the 51st the state, which will be called “Washington State, Douglass Commonwealth”. It’s for Frederick Douglass.

Not only does this give the proposed state the luxury of not having to change its heading – it would still be “Washington, DC” – but it honors the first slave president and a black abolitionist, rounding up all political bases.

Yes, final passage is unlikely in the Senate, and yes, our state had the name first. So what? I’m happy to give it away.

We are named after a man who never went west of the Appalachians and died when we were largely unexplored by Europeans. Washington literally couldn’t have found Washington on a map.

Rename our state

If Washington, DC has become our 51st state, do we really want two states named after George Washington? Maybe it’s time to think about changing Washington state to Cascade. You don’t like this idea? What’s your suggestion? Share your thoughts, no longer than 200 words, to letters@seattletimes.com, with the subject line “State Name”. Please include your full name, address and phone number for verification.

Our territory was initially going to be called Columbia, which made a little more sense, except Congress decided that Columbia had already been taken by DC and that “Washington” should be used instead. Which didn’t make sense.

Did I mention it was Congress? That our capricious nickname was suggested by a congressman from that place of enlightenment, Kentucky? In a bill signed by a president named Millard Fillmore?

As a native of Washington, I receive the pride of the state. I sang “Washington My Home” with my elementary school class at the Washington State Fair, for heaven’s sake. But despite some of the country’s most glorious geography, our name derives no benefit from it, making us the only unimaginative state named for a president. It’s like Marilyn Monroe’s name is Millard Fillmore.

George Washington gave his name to 31 counties, 241 townships, 57 towns and neighborhoods, 11 universities, five great bridges, countless parks, 322 schools, endless streets and highways, a giant sequoia, several mountains, a battleship and a roundabout in Warsaw, Poland. He will not be missed.

Lest we think state names are sacrosanct, note that researchers still disagree on the origin of the coined “Oregon”. Supposedly the name of the “Great River of the West,” Oregon has been attributed to words loosely related to Spanish explorers, French fur traders, Native Americans in the Midwest, and even a tribe in Connecticut.

“Idaho” was simply invented by a deposed delegate from the future state of Colorado. George Willing wrongly claimed that it was an Aboriginal word meaning “jewel of the mountains”. When his own territory did not accept this flimflam and went with Colorado, the counterfeit was applied to the new panhandle territory.

I never liked explaining to strangers – that is, anyone east of the Rockies – that I am from The Other Washington, just as I had to explain that I was from The Other Vancouver when I lived across the river from Portland. I have psychic scars.

Why not have a name that sells the state, instead of obscuring it?

Cascade comes from a mountain range that stretches from border to border and cuts our paradise in two. Perfect! It originally came from the Columbia Falls, flooded by the Bonneville Dam. Historical! It makes you think of waterfalls. We could have an interesting flag!

Try it: Seattle, Cascade. Bellingham, Cascade. Yes, it looks like an Amtrak train, but that’s not a bad thing. It announces our scenic allure. It puts hair on your chest, that is, if you want it.

The people of Sequim are going to scream no, it’s not working, wild mountains! But Sequim? Come on.

There are other possibilities. Cascadia has become widely accepted, but it takes a lot of syllables. What if we miss?

Tahoma is a native word for Mount Rainier, again spot on. But “Tacoma, Tahoma” is a mouthful – though fun to say three times very quickly.

Evergreen does not describe a third of the state. Sorry, Washtucna.

Salish, a name applied to a language group of Indians in the Pacific Northwest, works wonderfully for the Salish Sea around the San Juan Islands. But it comes from a Montana Blackfoot word and feels spongy for a stern Boeing-Microsoft-Amazon fortress like ours.

Colombia? Columbus did not “wake up” in 2021.

Olympic is too Greek. Humptulips? Pysht? No.

But Cascade? Tourists should be chased away with a broom.

It would probably take a state constitutional convention to change the name, but that would be fun, with politicians raging and delegates protesting. I hear hyperventilation now. We could sell T-shirts.

Yes, universities can keep Washington. But “University of the Huskies” would be more descriptive.

So it’s Cascade. Or, we could just make up a name that sounds great, like Idaho! There are many nomenclatures to inspire us such as Klickitat, Nooksack, Chuckanut, Mazama, Skookumchuck, Zillah, Point No Point, Palouse and Sedro-Woolley.

Don’t call us that 51st place, Back East.

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5 Signs of Covid19 Infection Pregnant Women Should Watch Out For https://drjimmirios.com/5-signs-of-covid19-infection-pregnant-women-should-watch-out-for/ https://drjimmirios.com/5-signs-of-covid19-infection-pregnant-women-should-watch-out-for/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 16:42:01 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/5-signs-of-covid19-infection-pregnant-women-should-watch-out-for/

Dr Aarthi Bharat, consultant in obstetrics and gynecology at maternity hospitals, shares with us some signs that pregnant women should watch out for in connection with the Covid19 infection.

While we were still grappling with the pandemic and trying to lead our lives accordingly, we were hit by the second wave. Therefore, we have to realize that Covid is not going to go away anytime soon and unfortunately the second wave has had a pretty serious impact on children and pregnant women. There are so many new variations and different types of fungal infections that the situation is quite volatile. COVID has a different impact on everyone and it affects pregnant women as well. In this situation, pregnant women should be vigilant and careful.

Why are pregnant women prone to lung or lung disease?

Reports have shown that around 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from shortness of breath. It is a very normal reaction of the body with all the changes that we go through. Early in pregnancy, your body begins to go through changes, including increased oxygen and nutrient requirements as well as hormonal changes. Among these, there is also the increase in the volume of blood that the heart will have to pump, thus causing a slight shortness of breath. Shortness of breath can also be seen in the latter part of pregnancy when your uterus squeezes your abdominal organs and pushes them upward, causing pressure on your diaphragm and decreasing the inflation space of your lungs in the rib cage. Along with this, being pregnant in general can cause anxiety and further increase lung irregularities.

COVID impacts pregnant women

Now that we’ve seen that pregnant women already suffer from lung or respiratory issues during pregnancy, it might be easier to understand why pregnant women might be at greater risk. Even though a pregnant woman does not have asthma, shortness of breath during pregnancy has an impact on the lungs and Covid as we know it has a direct impact on the lungs. It also has an impact on other parts, but it is mainly the lungs that are affected.

5 signs to catch Covid early:

They must know how to detect the first signs of Covid if they have contracted it, so as not to have a serious illness and end up being hospitalized.

1. Be aware that you have a bad cough or body aches, as this could be a sign that the virus is infesting the body.

2. Watch out for chills going through the body and possibly a sore throat.

3. They may not have the usual symptoms like fever or shortness of breath and may also face abdominal pain.

4. Some patients may present to labor for the scheduled delivery and it is only after delivery that they begin to show symptoms of fever. However, the way it presents itself causes confusion and delays in testing, as doctors may think this fever is caused by postpartum reasons. So if you have a fever after giving birth, stay away from people and get tested as soon as possible.

5. We see that most Covid patients who are pregnant are asymptomatic with a mild fever. So women should watch out for a mild fever and take precautions if they think they have covid.


If you see any of these signs in your body, or if you notice that your baby’s movements have decreased, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Try to stay calm if you have Covid, as stress can impact the baby. Doctors recommend taking at least 5 kicks per hour so that you know the baby is there and active. Last but not least, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible as this will help you avoid a severe case of covid and protect you.

About the Author: Dr Aarthi Bharat, Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant at Motherhood Hospitals.

Also Read: Nutritionist Kanchan Patwardhan Highlights Post COVID 19 Recovery Diet To Avoid Complications

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Holy Name High School’s 2021 class displays character and courage during tough year https://drjimmirios.com/holy-name-high-schools-2021-class-displays-character-and-courage-during-tough-year/ https://drjimmirios.com/holy-name-high-schools-2021-class-displays-character-and-courage-during-tough-year/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 12:16:47 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/holy-name-high-schools-2021-class-displays-character-and-courage-during-tough-year/

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio – The Class of 2021 at Holy Name High School consistently has the academic achievement one expects from Green Wave School, not to mention a particular resilience in full learning during the pandemic, but principal Karen Carter said it is the students’ character that will be remembered forever.

“We had an amazing time at the very end of the prom after the last song,” Carter said moved. “Usually the kids whine and whine a little bit because they want this to continue, but these kids did something else.

“As soon as the last song was over, they got together on their own and sang the alma mater, which was just fantastic. No one told them to do that. I don’t know if they have planned this in advance. It was awesome. It made me cry. “

In addition to skillfully completing high school during a pandemic, the class of 2021 managed to create an all-inclusive environment.

“They were so impressive with their picks,” Carter said. “Obviously, beyond the resilience and courage that the class of 2021 across the country will be known for, this particular group of kids has really taken it upon themselves to include everyone.

“You want that year after year, but you don’t necessarily get it. We have surely had that this year with them and it was a joy to see.

Holy Name High School’s 2021 class – which included 127 graduates – chose Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” as their class song.

The Class Major was Daniel Stracensky, while the Salvator was Audrey Cary. The top 10 students ranked (in order) included Daniel Stracensky, Audrey Cary, Jonathan Stanislo, Vincent Wawak, Katelyn Stibley, Constance Kammerer, Erin Ryan, Rebecca Styers, Julia Topolski and Isabelle Hank.

In addition, members of the 2021 class have won four-year academic awards, which are awarded to a student – based on outstanding work done during their time at Holy Name High School – in each of the major subjects.

The list includes Madison Zevallos (art), Olivia Petitt (English), Perpetua Fischer (French), Audrey Cary (mathematics), Audrey Cary (music), Jonathan Stanislo (science), Daniel Stracensky (social studies) and Alyssa Dolan (Spanish ).

In addition, students who had a GPA of 3.8 after seven semesters of work and a minimum ACT score of 28 or a SAT score of 1250, received the President’s Education Award. Members of the Class of 2021 who receive this honor are Aileen Bracken, Audrey Cary, Jason Csank, Luke DePietro, Constance Kammerer, Jonathan Stanislo, Daniel Stracensky, Julia Topolski, Keera Turner and Vincent Wawak.

Carter’s last speech to the Class of 21 was a lasting message of empowerment.

“They really did it,” Carter said. “They did it day in and day out, and they did it well. Without a doubt, it was definitely a celebration like graduations every year, but this one was like that extra amount of emotion for parents, guardians, and kids. It was wonderful.

“Pretty much, if you can do that, you can really do anything. We really believe it. This group is really resilient and they are going to do great things in the future. They will always be able to figure it out.

Read more news from the Parma Sun Post here.

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MAHEC extends women’s health services to Brevard https://drjimmirios.com/mahec-extends-womens-health-services-to-brevard/ https://drjimmirios.com/mahec-extends-womens-health-services-to-brevard/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 04:26:16 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/mahec-extends-womens-health-services-to-brevard/

The Mountain Area Health Education Center is expanding its health services for women in Brevard.

Expansion under the leadership of Dr Brian Barrow in the same office where Barrow provided OB / GYN care through Transylvania Women’s Care.

“It has been an honor to support the community for the past 11 years,” Barrow said in a press release. “I look forward to providing the same high quality care to my patients at MAHEC Women’s Care in Brevard, working with a dedicated women’s health team here in Brevard and the surrounding areas. “

As the only high-risk OB / GYN provider in the region, MAHEC Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialists have supported women in Transylvania County for many years through expert consultations with their care providers. primary and OB / GYN and specialty services in Asheville, according to a press release from MAHEC.

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TCC calls for the name change of John A. MacDonald Road in Saskatoon – Saskatoon https://drjimmirios.com/tcc-calls-for-the-name-change-of-john-a-macdonald-road-in-saskatoon-saskatoon/ https://drjimmirios.com/tcc-calls-for-the-name-change-of-john-a-macdonald-road-in-saskatoon-saskatoon/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:44:13 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/tcc-calls-for-the-name-change-of-john-a-macdonald-road-in-saskatoon-saskatoon/

The Saskatoon Tribal Council is asking the city to change the name to John A. MacDonald Road following the discovery of 215 bodies of Indigenous children buried at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Tribal Council Chief Mark Arcand says change can present challenges for community residents, the name is a constant reminder to survivors and their families of the atrocities committed within the walls of these schools as a result of John’s role A. Macdonald in promoting and creating the residential school system.

Read more:

John A. Macdonald statue removed from Victoria Park in Regina

“There is no disrespect to the community or to anyone, but if there are things we need to do to right the wrongs, we will lead it to the Saskatoon Tribal Council because we all benefit all over this city of things we do together, Arcand said on Thursday.

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On Thursday afternoon, Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark and Councilor David Kirton confirmed they would begin the name change process at a committee meeting on June 21.

Read more:

‘We were always hungry’: Survivors tell of life in residential schools

“It’s time to make this change and honor the truths residential school survivors shared about the impacts of these schools across generations,” Mayor Clark said in a statement.

“We can work together between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to ensure this is a process that strengthens understanding of our shared history, while creating a city that reflects the spirit of living in good relationships. together on this earth. “

The name change process will include consultation with Indigenous community leaders, communication with current residents of John A. MacDonald Road, a public education campaign, and a broader review of cost management options and tools needed to change the name.

Read more:

Saskatchewan NDP calls for compensation for residential schools, apology from Scott Moe

The city says the proposed name change is the first in a process already underway with the city’s naming committee.

A review of the names will be presented to the board for deliberation in September.

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Click to play the video:

Reconciliation and the controversial legacy of John A. MacDonald

Reconciliation and the Controversial Legacy of John A. MacDonald – November 16, 2018

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Mirvetuximab Soravtansine Plus Bevacizumab gives high responses in platinum agnostic ovarian cancer https://drjimmirios.com/mirvetuximab-soravtansine-plus-bevacizumab-gives-high-responses-in-platinum-agnostic-ovarian-cancer/ https://drjimmirios.com/mirvetuximab-soravtansine-plus-bevacizumab-gives-high-responses-in-platinum-agnostic-ovarian-cancer/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:35:11 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/mirvetuximab-soravtansine-plus-bevacizumab-gives-high-responses-in-platinum-agnostic-ovarian-cancer/

David M. O’Malley, MD, professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ohio State University College of Medicine and director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses data from final review of the FORWARD II phase 1b trial of mirvetuximab soravtansine plus bevacizumab (Avastin) in the treatment of patients with platinum agnostic ovarian cancer.

In the overall study population of 60 patients, the overall response rate (ORR) was 50%. Looking at the high-expressing folate receptor cluster, which made up half of the patient population compared to the low-expressing folate receptor, the ORR is even more pronounced by 64%, in the folate receptor alpha cohort. high. When platinum sensitivity versus platinum resistance was assessed in the high-expressing folate alpha receptor group, the ORR was 69% versus 59%, respectively.

O’Malley says what’s even more exciting about the data is that duration of response (DOR) persisted beyond 12 months in patients with elevated alpha folate receptor expression who were susceptible. platinum and approached 10 months in those who were platinum resistant. . In the patient population with median alpha folate receptor expression, the DOR was 8 months.

Additionally, 32 of 33 patients who exhibited elevated alpha folate receptor expression exhibited tumor shrinkage, which O’Malley said represents the most impressive waterfall pattern he has seen over time.

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Winnipeg’s Ryerson Elementary School could change name to become residential school architect’s distance school https://drjimmirios.com/winnipegs-ryerson-elementary-school-could-change-name-to-become-residential-school-architects-distance-school/ https://drjimmirios.com/winnipegs-ryerson-elementary-school-could-change-name-to-become-residential-school-architects-distance-school/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:47:27 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/winnipegs-ryerson-elementary-school-could-change-name-to-become-residential-school-architects-distance-school/

This could be one of the last years for Grade 6 students to graduate from Ryerson Elementary School in South Winnipeg.

A motion to change the name of the school – linked to Egerton Ryerson, one of the main architects of Canada’s residential school system – is on the agenda for Thursday night’s meeting of the Pembina School Division board Trails.

When what are believed to be the anonymous graves of 215 children were discovered on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia two weeks ago, the division knew it was time to review the name. , said Superintendent Ted Fransen.

“The situation in Kamloops was, in a way, the straw that broke the camel’s back. We are certainly aware of the history of the school name and we were aware that we had to be sensitive to it.” , did he declare. mentionned.

“So when the Kamloops situation unfolded… there was no doubt in the minds of our school trustees, as a school board, that they needed to review this. “

Senior division administrators, parents, community members and even some students have also started asking questions about what should be done, Fransen said.

“It was really a groundswell,” he said.

“The students understood this very quickly and asked their teachers if they could discuss it in class.

Students in grades 5 and 6, along with their teachers, will share letters with administrators at Thursday’s meeting, Fransen said.

Egerton Ryerson – the namesake of Ryerson University, Ryerson Press and the Township of Ryerson of Ontario – was a prominent figure in the creation of the public education system in this province, but also a leader in the establishment of schools separated with forced assimilation of indigenous children.

The National Center for Truth and Reconciliation estimates, based on death records, that at least 4,100 children died in schools from the opening of the first in the 1870s until the closing of the last in 1996, but said the true total is likely much higher.

Outrage over the discovery in Kamloops led to a statue of Ryerson on the Ryerson University campus in Toronto covered in red paint and the words “Dig them up” and “215”. He was then run over and beheaded.

The Ryerson University School of Journalism announced it would rename the magazine Ryerson Review of Journalism and The Ryersonian newspaper after conversations with students who the school said believed the “horrible legacy” of the system to be. residential school was too important to continue to use the name in their headers. .

Named for the local street

As for the Ryerson School in Winnipeg, Fransen wanted to make it clear that the name comes from Ryerson Avenue, the street in the Fort Richmond neighborhood where the school was built in 1972.

The neighborhood, around the University of Manitoba, has streets named after other universities, including Acadia and Dalhousie.

“So the school would not have been named after Mr. Ryerson,” Fransen said. “I was not there when the name was chosen, but it would not have been chosen because of an appreciation for Ryerson the person.”

If the board votes to change the name, the division will consult with the community through an online survey to find a new name and then bring it to the board for a recommendation, Fransen said.

It is not certain that the change can be made by the start of the next school year, given that it is already June.

The City of Winnipeg has not said whether Ryerson Avenue is also being considered for a name change.

However, Mayor Brian Bowman said the time has come for the Winnipeg Reconciliation Trip to revisit the name of Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin, a Roman Catholic priest, believed that First Nations people should be “civilized” and saw residential schools as the way to achieve this.

In the late 1800s, he lobbied the federal government to fund the construction of schools, which saw children torn from their families and stripped of their identities in what has been decried as cultural genocide.

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13 early signs of pregnancy https://drjimmirios.com/13-early-signs-of-pregnancy/ https://drjimmirios.com/13-early-signs-of-pregnancy/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:31:05 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/13-early-signs-of-pregnancy/

If you’ve ever tried to conceive, you know it can be an exciting and sometimes scary process. After all, you have to wait for a whole cycle to see if all of this hard work has really paid off. If not, you start from scratch, which can make you even less patient over time.

Since it is really, really hard to wait to find out if you’re pregnant, you probably want to know the first signs of pregnancy, which is fair enough. It’s a life changing moment we’re talking about here.

Just know this: “The most reliable early sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test,” says Christine Grèves, MD, certified obstetrician-gynecologist at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. Many potential symptoms of early pregnancy can be the result of many other conditions, or can even be brought on by your period, making it less reliable than, for example, missing your period, points out. she does.

Plus, every woman – and every pregnancy – is different, says Dr Greves. So even though your best friend might swear that her breasts immediately swelled the second she got pregnant, you probably won’t have the same experience.

That said, there are a few potential tips you can expect that don’t involve you needing to take a pregnancy test. (Although you definitely need to do this to confirm the situation when it’s time.) Before that, keep this information about early pregnancy in mind.

At what age do pregnancy symptoms start?

Again, a missed period really is the biggest indication that you might be pregnant. Still, you may have other symptoms sooner than that, and before you can even take a pregnancy test to confirm the big news. Everything is due to—Yeah-hormones.

“Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is the hormone tested by a pregnancy test and which contributes to the secretion of progesterone, the main hormone responsible for most symptoms of pregnancy,” says Jonathan Schaffir, MD, gynecologist at Ohio State. Wexner Medical Center. HCG begins to enter your bloodstream around seven to ten days after conception, but it “doesn’t reach levels that would show on a pregnancy test until a few days before your period is missed,” he says. .

Still, HCG levels are pretty low at this point, but not so low that a test won’t pick it up. “The tests are very sensitive,” says Dr Greves. At the same time, says Dr Schaffir, you’re unlikely to have extreme symptoms. But some women are more sensitive to changes in their body than others, or may experience symptoms like implantation bleeding or cramps five to six days after becoming pregnant, according to a women’s health expert. Jennifer wider, MD.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

These symptoms don’t necessarily guarantee pregnancy – getting tested is really the only way to confirm this – but they could be a sign that you’re expecting. Keep an eye out for these early pregnancy symptoms:

  • Increased urination. If you are aware enough of how often you pee, you may notice that you go to the bathroom a little more often than usual. “The hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause the kidneys to dilate and more urine output, which helps the body get rid of wastes faster,” says Dr. Wider.
  • Tired. That’s a tricky question, says Dr Greves, given that you can feel tired from so many things, including having your period. But, if you’re pregnant, you may feel a little tired from high levels of the hormone progesterone and increased blood production in your body, says Dr. Wider.
  • Sensitive and swollen breasts and nipples. When you’re pregnant, increased progesterone levels can cause your mammary glands to swell (so you can breastfeed later), says Dr. Schaffir. So, you might feel a little pain or notice some swelling early on.
  • Nausea with or without vomiting. Not everyone experiences nausea and / or vomiting during pregnancy. If you are going to have them, the symptoms are more likely to be more noticeable after your missed period due to the increased levels of pregnancy hormones. “Nausea is thought to be a direct result of the hormone HCG, which peaks at eight to 10 weeks of the last menstrual period before declining,” says Dr. Schaffir. Yet, you may notice that you feel a little nauseous before this. “Some women are more vulnerable to it than others,” says Dr Wider.
  • Constipation. Poop less than usual? You could be pregnant. “Progesterone relaxes the smooth muscles in your gut, slowing the transit time for food,” says Dr. Greves. As a result, you may feel a bit stuffy.
  • Headache. It’s not very common and it’s hard to understand considering that, hello, you can get a headache for a ton of different reasons. When it comes to pregnancy, a headache can be “caused by a combination of increased hormones and increased blood volume,” says Dr. Wider.
  • Elevated basal body temperature. This is due to an increase in progesterone levels, which stay high if your egg is fertilized, says Dr. Wider. You won’t necessarily feel any different, but you might notice a slightly higher temperature if you’ve followed it.
  • Bloating or gas. This goes back to the fact that progesterone slows down your gastrointestinal tract: it can also make you feel gassy and bloated, says Dr. Schaffir.
  • Mild pelvic cramps. It can happen after the egg attaches to your uterine wall, says Dr. Wider, although not everyone notices or feels it. “Sometimes it looks like period cramps, which makes some women think their period is imminent,” she says.
  • Spotting. Some women may notice a small amount of implantation bleeding (that is, when the egg attaches to your uterine wall and causes spotting), says Dr. Schaffir. It’s not a lot of blood, however, it’s only a small amount, different from your period.
  • Food aversions. Suddenly you don’t want your favorite breakfast anymore? It could be a sign of pregnancy, and it’s usually related to increased levels of HCG, says Dr. Schaffir. It doesn’t last forever, however. “It usually gets better by the end of the first trimester,” he says.
  • Mood swings. Not everyone has it, but you may feel a bit cranky or emotional if you’re sensitive to the effects of progesterone on your brain receptors, says Dr. Schaffir.
  • Nasal congestion. Your blood supply begins to increase during pregnancy, which can trigger swelling in your nasal passages, says Dr. Wider. It’s unlikely to be major, but you might notice you’re a little crowded, she says.

    How quickly can you take a pregnancy test to know for sure if you are pregnant?

    Again, home pregnancy tests look for the presence of HCG in your body, and this hormone can usually be detected in your pee 11 to 14 days after conception, says Dr. Schaffir.

    While many pregnancy tests promise they can give results several days before your period, they aren’t as reliable at this point. “Many tests are designed to give the best results after a woman’s missed period,” says Dr. Wider.

    Basically if you can wait to test until you miss your period, you will get the most accurate results.

    The bottom line: There are several symptoms of early pregnancy that you can watch out for, but the best way to know for sure if you’re pregnant is to wait until your period is late to get tested.

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SE conversion and new trade name approved by https://drjimmirios.com/se-conversion-and-new-trade-name-approved-by/ https://drjimmirios.com/se-conversion-and-new-trade-name-approved-by/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/se-conversion-and-new-trade-name-approved-by/

Ferratum Oyj: SE conversion and new trade name approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Helsinki, June 10, 2021 – Ferratum Oyj (ISIN: FI4000106299, WKN: A1W9NS) (“Ferratum” or “Company”).


Ferratum held its Extraordinary General Meeting today in accordance with specific terms and the meeting adopted the following resolutions.


Ferratum Plc announced on December 16, 2020 that the Board of Directors decided on that date to approve the draft conditions for the conversion of Ferratum Plc into a European Company (SE) (Conversion conditions) and a related report (Report) concerning the project to transform the Company from a Finnish public limited company (Plc) into a European limited liability company (Societas Europaea, SE) (Conversion).

The conversion conditions were registered in the Finnish Commercial Register on December 18, 2020.

The Extraordinary General Meeting approved the Conversion Conditions and decided on the Conversion in accordance with the Conversion Conditions.

The reasons for transforming the Company into an SE are strategic. While the company was incorporated in Finland, its operations have since expanded across Europe and the world, and currently the company is a multinational company with operational activities in several countries. The transformation into an SE, which is currently the only form of supranational company available in Europe, should underline the international scope of the Company’s operations and strengthen its European identity. The aim is to make the group’s structure more transparent and streamlined from a governance point of view.

The Conversion will enter into force upon registration in the Finnish Commercial Register on or around June 15, 2021.

The Extraordinary General Meeting also decided to amend the Articles of Association of the Company as indicated in the Conversion Conditions, including, but not limited to, the modification of the trade name of the Company to include a new indication of form. social (SE).


The Extraordinary General Meeting approved a new trade name for the Company. The new trade name is Multitude SE. The new trade name will take effect upon registration with the Finnish Commercial Register on or around June 15, 2021.

About the Ferratum group:

Ferratum Group is a global provider of mobile banking and digital consumer and small business loans, distributed and managed by mobile devices. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Ferratum has grown to operate in 19 countries across Europe, South and North America, Australia and Asia.

As a pioneer in digital and mobile financial services technology, Ferratum is at the forefront of the digital banking revolution. Ferratum has around 480,000 active customers who have either an open Mobile Bank or Wallet account or an active loan balance in the last 12 months (as of March 31, 2021).

The Ferratum group is listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “FRU”. For more information, visit www.ferratumgroup.com.




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