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When the Australian government announced its 2020-2021 federal budget in October of last year – later than usual due to the pandemic – he looked more than a little naked for half of the population. But in the new 2021–22 budget (which was announced last night, Tuesday, May 11), $ 3.4 billion has been committed to support women. This time around, Australian women are not being told that they can just take advantage of the new roads and infrastructure.

The new budget obviously includes funding for road, rail and infrastructure projects – $ 15.2 billion, in fact – but the money allocated to women’s health, safety and financial security is not insignificant. And it’s directed to key areas, including cervical and breast cancer screening programs, endometriosis support, services for abused women and children, and child care. .

In the area of ​​health and wellness, $ 351.6 million will be spent on maternal, sexual and reproductive health, as well as aging, chronic disease, preventive health and mental health. Of this amount, $ 100 million will go to cervical and breast cancer screening programs, and $ 47 million to perinatal and postnatal anxiety and depression services. Endometriosis, which affects at least one in nine Australian women, will be covered as part of a four-year, $ 5 million program for pain education and management programs targeting the disease.

Women’s safety is also an important, important and deserving goal, with $ 1.1 billion allocated to initiatives to support victims of domestic violence and to tackle workplace harassment and online abuse. This includes general support for women and children leaving situations of violence, emergency accommodation and legal aid services. $ 20.5 million has been committed to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace, $ 6 million to strengthen the Agency for Gender Equality in the Workplace and $ 26.2 million for online safety – the latter covering awareness campaigns, support for child victims of online bullying and software that will investigate intimate images shared without consent.

And, since women in the workplace and childcare are interrelated topics, an additional $ 1.7 billion will be spent on the latter. It will cover an increase in childcare subsidies for families with more than one child, which will take effect from July 2022. Obviously, childcare really shouldn’t be seen as an issue. women – this is the business of all parents, regardless of gender – but the purpose of funding is to increase women’s participation in the labor force.

For more information on the 2021–22 Federal Budget, visit government website.

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