Effingham County Chamber of Commerce presents 2021 Employee of the Year awards

Effingham, IL – (Effingham Radio) – On May 7, the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce presented its 47e Annual Employee of the Year Award to two recipients: Ashley Rush with the associations of obstetrics and gynecology Effingham and Tammy Lakin of Dan Hecht Chevrolet-Toyota.

Ms Rush was nominated by her colleagues Yocum was nominated by her colleagues for her 11 years of service to the community of Effingham as the clinic facilitator managing the clinical aspects of the practice, including staff planning, student coordination, training, problem solving, communications and patient care. Ashley is on the the first lines look after the patients while coordinating the office around her. She has a good heart with the desire to improve the lives of others.

Ms. Lakin was nominated by her colleagues for her 10+ years of service as a Customer Relations Manager coordinate customer relations, car rental and human resources. Tammy is always looking for ways to make things are better for those around him and really deserves this recognition.

Steve Miller, City of Effingham City Administrator on behalf of the Mayor, introduced Ms Rush and Ms Lakin with these awards and a proclamation from the mayor.

Congratulations to all the nominees and our employees of the year 2021!

About the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1917, the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce is the main advocate and advocate for the affairs of the county. The Chamber strives to create a climate of growth and success in our community by providing leadership opportunities as well as volunteer programs and business development initiatives that focus on the core business priorities of County of Effingham. Leveraging the support, talent and resources of our members, the Effingham County Chamber leads efforts to achieve business success and grow the community.

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