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Drew Barrymore is one of those celebrities who thinks she could be everyone’s best friend. Even more now that we got to know her even better from watching her eponymous daytime TV show, Drew. The entrepreneur is also the founder of a magazine, a beauty brand and, more recently, a paint line – yes, paint! It seems there’s nothing the quintessential girl next door can’t do. Add to this list: She looks as bright and cheerful with makeup as she does without.

The 46-year-old actress is a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and regularly does “Beauty Junkie Week” on Instagram, so it’s hardly surprising that she has a beautiful complexion. “I don’t buy bags, I don’t buy shoes, skin care is my thing,” she said previously. Initiated. “I don’t want to go to the needle or the doctors, so I like to invest in it. Because then I can take it to people. “And she doesn’t turn her nose to the drugstore. In fact, her Flower beauty line is only sold at accessible retailers like drugstores and Ulta. Some of her favorite products include staples like Cetaphil cleanser as well as newbies like Garnier eco-friendly tampons Needless to say, you can have skin like Drew too!

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September 2021

Drew gets annoyed with a game of pétanque early in the morning.


August 2021

Drew shares a thoughtful moment without makeup in the car.


July 2021

Drew shared his love of design magazines with this no-makeup selfie.


July 2021

Another ode to interior design magazines.


July 2021

If you couldn’t tell, Drew loves the print! This time she posted face nude with Sweet July.


June 2021

A clean-faced Drew shares her love for the book Wreck of My Presence.


June 2021

Bare-faced lizards snuggle up …. the stars: they’re like us!


October 2020

Drew shared this makeup-free selfie with a link to a new playlist she created.


October 2020

Drew serves up major fall vibes wrapped in a comfy, makeup-free blanket.


October 2020

Drew’s show, “Drew,” had a skit on SNL, so she commemorated with this bare-faced selfie.

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