CHI Women’s Health Clinic Offers First Breast Milk Donation Site on Grand Island

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – According to a national study published in the U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, about 50% of mothers stop breastfeeding because they cannot produce enough milk. As of Tuesday, the CHI Health Clinic Women’s Health began offering the community a breastmilk donation site that can help mothers with lactation issues.

Chelsey Kennedy, lactation consultant for CHI Health Clinic Women’s Health, said she had been planning to start a milk bank in the area for some time, especially because the need for donated milk was so high. .

“Right now we’re the only place on Grand Island where you can, what we call a donation and awareness center through Mothers’ Milk Bank, so you can come here, we can go through the whole process,” Kennedy said. . “You can donate your breast milk, I will collect your health and blood information for testing, then it will be sent to Denver.”

Kennedy added that milk especially helps babies born prematurely, were hospitalized for illnesses and for mothers who could not produce enough milk. She said that when she was pregnant, she produced enough milk for one or two more babies than hers. The CHI Grand Island Clinic allows mothers who produce too much milk, like Kennedy, to have the chance to donate breast milk and help others through the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Colorado.

Beth Deida, a registered nurse and CHI Health St. Francis women’s and obstetrician educator, said she knows the benefits of breast-feeding a child.

“As a mother who exclusively breastfeeds three children, I know the value of breast milk and its importance,” said Deida. “And it’s so cool that other moms, maybe for some reason, have a problem with milk supply, can’t get enough breast milk, or have a premature baby who doesn’t have enough milk yet, that they can get milk from another mom. “

Deida, who had helped deliver many infants over her years, said formula cannot provide infants with the same nutrients as breast milk.

She went on to say that her sister had to get help through milk donors when her sisters’ babies were in the hospital.

“My twin sister gave birth to a pair of twins who were five weeks early, so premature, about two months ago and while they were in our neonatal intensive care unit here they were given breast milk. of donor during the first to two weeks of life, ”Deida mentioned.

She added that this program offered by the CHI Health Clinic Women’s Health could help babies like her sisters’ children as well as babies across the country.

Kennedy had dreamed of offering a milk donation site for years and could say it came true.

“One of the statistics from the Mothers’ Milk Bank – if we could donate an ounce of breast milk, we can feed an NICU baby for over 24 hours,” Kennedy said. “Every ounce really matters to some of these premature babies in the NICU.”

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