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Did the KC Royals get the best name in the 2021 draft?

For 30 major league teams, including the KC Royals, draft analysis is a complicated and often inaccurate science based on tool ratings, stats, spin, pop and barrel rates, launch angles. , a myriad of other measures, in-person and video screening, background investigations, interviews and gut feelings. Some things, however, are …

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Texas Democrats Suspend Democracy In The Name Of Its Defense

STATE REPRESENTATIVE Armando Walle, a Democrat from Houston, brought an unusually large suitcase when he visited Washington, CC, this week. For several months, Democrats in the Texas legislature have waged a fierce battle against a bill on “electoral integrity” touted by Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott. The Democratic caucus flight …

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Showalter hopes to hear his name in MLB Draft

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – Justin Showalter might not sound like a prototypical pro baseball player, but make no mistake, he has the tools to take it to the next level. “He’s unique,” ​​JMU baseball head coach Marlin Ikenberry said. “He’s not like your everyday right-hander. He can sink it. He …

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