Texas Democrats Suspend Democracy In The Name Of Its Defense

STATE REPRESENTATIVE Armando Walle, a Democrat from Houston, brought an unusually large suitcase when he visited Washington, CC, this week. For several months, Democrats in the Texas legislature have waged a fierce battle against a bill on “electoral integrity” touted by Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott. The Democratic caucus flight …

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The names of the forest fires come from local monuments

PORTLAND, Ore – Numerous wildfires are currently burning in Oregon and Washington State, including the Bootleg, Darlene, Grandview and Bruler fires. The sometimes unusual names have raised the question: How do wildfires get their name? Unlike hurricanes, which are named in the order in which they form based on a …

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Malaysian PM appoints deputy to maintain ally’s support

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Wednesday appointed an MP from his allied party as his deputy, in what is seen as a calculated attempt to dissuade the largest party in his ruling alliance from withdrawing his support for its leadership. The announcement came just …

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