Body language of Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson, explained

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When their baby is old enough to ask how their parents met, Joshua Jackson says he’ll tell them he saw Jodie Turner-Smith across the room and knew he “had to be with her”. But what he will leave out, he revealed to Initiated, That’s when he met Jodie at a birthday party in 2018, they danced the night away and had a three-night fling.

Either way, it’s not a bad start for the couple’s romance.

The two have since welcomed their daughter, proposed to each other – Jodie to Joshua in Nicaragua and Joshua to Jodie after that – and got married. They kept things very private on the baby and wedding front – the couple never posted a photo of their child’s face and they got married in secret.

But Jodie and Joshua have been candid about their feelings for each other. In interviews and on social media with messages of appreciation for each other, they will gush about their first moments. And they’re not one to skimp on the PDA either — usually holding hands and kissing on the red carpet and when the paparazzi spot them. The couple radiates intimacy, notes body language expert Karen Donaldson. She analyzed the couple’s moves over the years and deciphered what each means to their marriage, and *spoiler alert* things are looking really good. It’s clear there’s no place they’d rather be than with the family they’ve created together.

Ahead, find out what every look, tilt, and touch means to Joshua and Jodie.

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There are no walls between them.

“‘Looking’ creates intimate feelings,” says Donaldson. “You’ll see that the look is accompanied by an all-encompassing, fully engaged smile,” she adds. Although it makes for a pretty picture, Jodie and Joshua don’t play it for the cameras.

Because they turned their upper bodies toward each other, Donaldson knows they ignored everyone. “They have reduced the space between them by bringing their faces together, they are happy in each other’s intimate space.”


Connecting them is easy.

This relationship does not require a lot of work. How could Donaldson know that?

She noticed Jodie and Joshua mirroring each other’s body language. “If you look at their feet, and how they are positioned and how they eat their ice cream, they imitate each other,” she points out. “Couples who have a healthy and happy relationship subconsciously mirror each other’s gestures.”


They are each other’s support systems.

“In this image, Jodie’s body language [is] a little toned down,” Donaldson says. But the position of Joshua’s feet and upper body speaks volumes. Joshua’s right foot is pointed at Jodie, meaning he has it on his brain. And because their upper bodies touch, Donaldson knows it’s important for them to be there for each other.

“Couples who are emotionally and intimately connected go to great lengths to stay physically connected at all times, and we witness that in this photo,” she says.


Joshua takes pride in watching over Jodie if and when she needs him.

“In this image, we see a classic shield and protector pose, based on how Joshua places his hand on Jodie’s forearm,” Donaldson explains.

For a brief moment, his attention is not on Jodie but on his surroundings as they walk towards the car.


Jodie adores Joshua and vice versa.

This one doesn’t require too much explanation, but it’s worth pointing out anyway. Jodie looking lovingly at Josh shows how happy she is to be by his side. Joshua, on the other hand, has nestled his body against Jodie’s and he’s bringing her body closer (as if that were possible). He also smiles a Duchenne smile – a genuine smile that demonstrates genuine pleasure.

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