A mother’s journey in female health to prioritize herself


I arrived at the brand new Crystal Brook Riley Resort and headed straight for the resort pool for a swim.

At the reception they told me that they are planting a tree for me and that every guest is staying tonight to celebrate Earth Day. As I walked over to the pool and floated in the water, I reflected on how awesome the idea was – and I felt even happier to take time somewhere with a huge emphasis on sustainability.

While I was sitting by the pool (with the latest copy of Women’s health, of course) a peculiarity of Jessica Alba struck me. It was about how she tried to forgive herself more, and “understand that sometimes wellness means breathing and crystals, other times it means tacos and tequila.” I do not know!

Then, a one hour massage at the Ele’me Spa.

This spa.


It is a totally luxurious experience.

After changing into a bathrobe, I was taken to a serene living room where I was given a glass of water and had ten minutes to start relaxing on my own. Then my therapist Sarah (who has THE most calming voice I have ever heard) came and greeted me in a beautiful spacious treatment room. She gave me a choice of three essential oils for my massage, and the hour of happiness that followed was really something special. I stopped going through my to-do list and instead focused on what I’m grateful for – as my body relaxed from scalp to toe.

Gratitude is really so healing. A night to focus only on myself, a beautiful spa experience and the thoughts of my precious family.

At the end of my massage, I was back in the serene room with healthy nuts and peppermint tea, followed by a glass of sparkling wine! It’s my kind of balance.

On the way out, I decided to go for a quick walk. After just a few hours, I could already feel the endorphins flowing – I was starting to feel a recharge coming.

Back at the hotel, I decide to dress up (even if I’m dining alone!) And take my new Camilla to the Rocco rooftop bar for a drink before dinner. I sip a gin and soda with lime and mint while gazing at Cairns. It’s spectacular, a little luxury as close as possible to nature.

It’s unusual for me to be alone in a bar, so I didn’t stay long before moving to Paper Crane for dinner. At the Asian fusion restaurant, I ordered kingfish carpaccio (healthy and divine) and spiced coconut beef (SO good) because it feels great in the balmy weather. After a glass of pinot noir, I go to bed early in the evening.

The plush king bed looks like a dream, there is complementary eco-boxed water (no plastic) and I feel on top of the world.


I wake up earlier than usual after a good night’s sleep, put on my new Puma gym top and head to the gym to work out. I spent time on the bike, the elliptical trainer, and then did a 20 minute weight circuit. I recently joined TRIBE Functional Training (no mirrors, no judging, with classes for everyone from beginners to advanced) and took strength classes every week so I gain confidence and become stronger. In just a month, I have doubled the weight I lift and feel pretty happy with myself because I know most of the equipment in the gym! #workoutgoals

Then I head for the pool for a few hours of not much! Some valuable R&R before departure.

24 hours from me.

It’s really worth it.

I feel new. And proud to have planned a day to value myself. And I swear to put personal care and time for myself on the list more often.


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