71% of women in Hyderabad have faced prejudice at work over health issues – The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: At a time when female labor force participation falls to a new low nationally, discrimination women face due to their health is high. A report titled “Indian Women’s Health Report 2021,” compiled by Emcure Pharmaceuticals, found that 71% of women in Hyderabad said their male colleagues lacked sensitivity to women’s health issues.

The study, which involved the contributions of nearly 1,000 women from seven major cities – Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune – investigated the various biases, stigmas and misconceptions facing women in employment. white collar workers face due to their health. problems.

About 71% of women in Hyderabad said they faced a hostile workplace in terms of reactions to their health issues, which likely led many of their female colleagues to quit their jobs. The survey notes that at least 77 percent of women currently working in the city have seen their coworkers quit their jobs or take a sabbatical, and one of the main reasons for this hiatus was health issues like PCOS, endometriosis or pregnancy. problems.

The study also highlights that a large number of women across the country face stress when trying to balance their families with their work obligations, which causes them to place a low priority on their health.
“Almost half of the women surveyed said they had difficulty managing their personal health (52%) and the other half had difficulty managing their family (41%), even though both occupy a high place in their list of priorities; family ranks first, followed by personal health, ”the report said.

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